About Pet Sitting

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Keep Your Pets Healthy

When it is unfeasible to travel with your beloved pet(s) what are your options? It is often difficult to find someone responsible and trustworthy enough to take care of your pet(s). Furthermore, boarding is an extremely stressful endeavor that often leaves animals shell shocked for weeks following the experience. Why not have a professional come to your home?

Work long hours? Need a helping hand from a professional to assist with your pets needs during the day. From a simple potty break to an extended visit to give your furry critter the love and attention that they deserve. Call us today to schedule your FREE in-home consultation at 281-616-7PET(7738)

What To Expect

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Reliable Service

We maintain a select network of sitters to ensure we are able to take care of your pets’ needs. We have a plan for just about any situation.

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Being Informed

Your sitter will keep you informed while you are away. We will provide you with text messages and an email report of all your visits.

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Friendly Care

Barking Life looks high and low to find the best pet professional to ensure a friendly, loving, high level of service and care.

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Some Of Our Pet Care Duties Include

Some Of Our Home Care Duties Include

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Our Team

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Pet Care Professional
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Got a Busy Life? Don’t Go It Alone! Get Safe, Caring Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

At Barking Life Pet Concierge, we designed our business to provide personalized animal care solutions in your home dog boarding and sitting. We come to you to provide safety checks, specialized care, exercise and loving attention. See if the following statements sound familiar or similar to worries you’ve had. Then look at our Barking Life solutions to help you care for your in home sitting needs:

Animals are like children, but it’s difficult to find time to give them all the attention they need in today’s busy world. Barking Life can be there when you cannot. We handle regular dog walking so your dog can get some fresh air, exercise and stimulation. We play with your fur babbies, feed him or her and provide special care services–just let us know what you need.

Pets need to feel safe and loved, with familiar places and faces, personalized loving care. Forget about traditional dog boarding! Barking Life cares for your animals in your own home, sending well qualified, trustworthy, loving team members to care for your animals every day.

You can’t always be there for your animals due to vacations, extended work hours, long commute times, attending kid’s activities and even occasional date nights with your spouse. Enjoy your vacation, don’t fret on your business trip, feel free to concentrate on that urgent work project. Knowing your animals are well cared for by your Barking Life sitter makes your other daily events less stressful and more fun with in home care.

Cats get lonely, bored and anxious when left alone, and they can make a mess of your home trying to stay busy and calm themselves. With Barking Life checking on your cat, sitting, providing dog walking services and more, your fur babies stays happy, well adjusted and burns off nervous energy in a healthy way.

Taking your dog or cat to and from a kennel, daycare or remote dog boarding location just adds more jobs to your to-do list and more stress to your life. Barking Life saves you time by coming to your home and giving love, attention and custom services.

Making sure they get specialized care, a favorite toy, a specific diet or medications given on schedule is a challenge in a standard kennel or boarder. Barking Life can handle any special requests properly and cater to your dog or cat’s special needs accurately in their own familiar environment. You can communicate with your care representative anytime, by leaving a note, sending a text or email, or calling in, to change your instructions as needed.

Taking your dog or cat to a dog boarding location or kennel can mean you’re out of control. Your pet may be left on his/her own for many hours. You’re not certain who, specifically, is caring for your pet. He or she may be kept in a cage with little exercise. Unfamiliar sights and sounds (and other unknown animals nearby) can create stress. Dog boarding at a kennel can mean generic care, the same for all, that doesn’t provide for your pet’s special needs. At Barking Life, we provide care in their “happy place” at your home. We ensure your pet is checked on, walked and cared for as you want and need. Just when your dog starts to feel alone or anxious, your dedicated dog walker turns up for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon adventure!

Not at all, just contact Barking Life for at-home care. We’re your personalized alternative to typical dog boarding.

At-home care can help keep your pet healthy. Animals in a kennel can be exposed to illness, including fleas or other parasites. Why risk it? Your responsible, caring, well trained dog walker from Barking Life gives your pet undivided attention, in your own safe environment. In some cases, your Barking Life sitter may notice if your pet is acting strangely or showing signs of illness that you haven’t noticed. We can alert you of any issues and/or get prompt vet care as needed with your permission. An extra set of eyes can be a great thing for their health and welfare.
You’re headed out to an event after work, with no time to stop home to feed or walk your dog. Simply call Barking Life and we’ll have your dog walker take care of it.