Professional pet sitters experienced in medical care for your pets

Dog being administered syringe of pet medicine during home medical care

Need someone to administer an injection or a pill to your pets?

Book the Barking Life Pet Concierge Medical Administering services anywhere in Katy, Fulshear, and Richmond, TX for your at-home medical care needs.

It’s not just humans who hate taking medicines. Pets also put up a fight when they realize that they are being fed medication and the experience can quickly turn as sour as the medicine itself. And then we have our professionally trained pet sitters and pet caregivers who can ease the tension in the middle and successfully give your pet the shot or the pill they are required to take.

Our pet sitters focus on making sure that pets are at their most comfortable and feel safe through the process. Be it a regular heartworm medication, allergy shots, diabetes injection, or a pill to neutralize the seasonal flu; you can trust Barking Life Pet Concierge professionals to give your pets the medical care they need.

Why Choose Barking Life Pet Concierge for medication administration

When looking for a professional to administer injections of pills to your pets, you definitely need someone with proper experience in pet care to make sure your pet is safe.

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Locally Owned

We are a locally operated, fully insured, and bonded pet care service with extensive experience in pet medicine administering services.

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Flexible Scheduling

Our medical administration service can be booked as an ‘Add on’ of medical care to your regular Pet Visit Service bookings.

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Personalized Care

Our professional sitters are adept at following specialized instructions regarding your pet’s dietary and medical needs. This includes pills, supplements and diabetic injections.

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Pet medical administering service

By hiring the Barking Life Pet Concierge for administering medicine to your pets, you can stay calm and rest assured that your pets are in good professionally trained hands. We have the required experience in administering:

Our Service Features

Black dog anticipating a shot of pet medicine during at home medical care
Cat being fed pet medicine from the pet sitter

 Flexible scheduling 

We make sure that your pet receives the best possible care from us. For that, we are happy to accommodate: