Helping your puppy into a well-behaved dog 

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Need someone to tend to the special needs of your growing pup? 

Book the Barking Life Pet Concierge puppy care service in Katy, Fulshear, and Richmond, TX, and see your pup grow and flourish to make you proud.

Your puppies are growing up fast. But they don’t just need to grow in size but also need to grow up with a routine for their best health and mannerism. We understand the challenge with the work-life balance that you are already going through and realize how you may not be able to adhere to a constant routine every single day.

This is where our local puppy sitters can assist you in creating a customized feeding, exercise, and potty schedule that makes sense for both you and your little pup. 

Why choose Barking Life Pet Concierge for puppy Care

We have a panel of professional dog sitters who can help with setting up your pup’s routine and train them with feeding, exercise, and potty schedules. 

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Localy Owned

We are a locally operated, fully insured, and bonded pet care service with extensive experience in puppy behavior. 

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Flexible Scheduling

You will have the option to book a single visit or multiple visits during the day. 

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Great Service

Your puppy will receive one-on-one attention including extra visits throughout the day and basic potty training.

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Personalized Care

Our professional sitters are adept at following specialized instructions regarding your pet’s dietary and medical needs considering their unique health condition.

Our Service Features

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