Comforting Your Pet During a Thunderstorm

Dog in the rain

A loud thunderstorm can be frightening for your pet. The booming of the thunder can cause your pet to shake, become scared and/or become anxious. While you cannot control the weather and stop the thunder from occurring, you can help to calm and comfort your pet. Here are some things you can try to help your pet during a loud thunderstorm. 

Simply Be There

One of the best ways to comfort your pet during a loud thunderstorm is to simply be there. It may sound obvious, but when possible, stay with your pet if a bad storm is brewing. Leaving your pet alone during a thunderstorm can cause them to become even more anxious than they normally would. Having their owner home with them can be reassuring to them. If you are calm and present, they may feel safer and at ease. This may be enough to prevent anxiety due to a thunderstorm. 

Love On Them

Loving on your pet during a loud thunderstorm can also be comforting. Talk to them in a reassuring tone and pet them. If you are sitting on the couch, let your pet sit on your lap or at your feet and provide them with a little more attention than you normally do. Loving on them is comforting to them and helps them to realize that they are safe, loved and protected from the storm that is raging outside. 

Offer Them a Safe Place

During a loud thunderstorm, your pet may try to run and hide. Unfortunately, pets can get injured when they make rash decisions and attempt to hide in places that may not be safe for them. During a thunderstorm, offer them a safe place to hide or remain. This may be in a crate, or even shutting the door and keeping them confined to one room. Limiting where they can go can help prevent them from getting into something that they should not or injuring themselves as they attempt to hide from the thunder. 

Distract Your Pet

If your pet is a little skiddish when he or she hears thunder, but is not overly scared, you may be able to distract them or take their mind off of the storm. One of the best ways to do this is to play with them. Break out their favorite toy and play a game of indoor fetch with your dog or let your cat chase after a string. Not only can playing with your pet help to distract them now, but it may help to lessen the anxiety they have about thunder in the future. If your pet equates thunder with playing, they may not be as scared of the sound when the next storm rolls through. 

Drown Out the Sound

If the storm is producing clapping thunder that is shaking your home, drowning out the sound of the storm may not work for you. However, if the thunder is not too terrible, this method may work for you. Put on some music, turn on a fan, turn your television up or run the dishwasher; do anything you can to drown out the sound of the storm and reduce the likelihood of your pet hearing every thunder clap. 

Try Desensitization Methods

Thunder storms are common in Texas. As such, you may want to try to desensitize your pet to thunder if it causes them to become scared and anxious. You can download storm recordings to your phone or music player. From there, begin to play the sound of the storm in your home when your pets are awake and alert. Keep the volume low at first, and gradually turn it up. Your pet may become so used to hearing the sound of pouring rain, howling winds and rolling thunder that they no longer are scared when a real storm hits your area. 

Give Anxiety Products a Whirl

There are a variety of anxiety products that are on the market that can help your pet overcome the anxiety they may be feeling. Whether your pet is anxious around new people, anxious around other animals, or anxious during a thunderstorm, anxiety products may help your pet. Such products include anxiety vests, anxiety blankets and homeopathic pet anxiety drops. Go to your local pet storm to see the various anxiety products that they carry and then test out different products on your pet to see if any may help them during a thunderstorm. 

Talk to Your Vet

The final way that you can comfort your pet during a loud thunderstorm is to talk with your vet. In some cases, nothing you do seems to be working. Your vet can help you come up with a plan that may help your pet remain calm during a thunderstorm, including prescription medications that may calm them. Your vet is around pets all day, so they can provide you with the insight on various methods that may work to help your pet overcome their thunderstorm anxiety. 

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