Benefits of a Daily Dog Walk

Dog Walking and Exercise

Dogs have an assortment of natural instincts to hunt, exercise, and survive. In the wild, dogs must hunt for food, look for shelter, and avoid predators. However, we often forget about the importance of exercise for our pet dogs. Sadly, work, familial responsibilities, and busy days make exercising with your pet impractical, if not impossible. You have to think of your dog as a small child, explains the ASPCA. Your dog needs something constructive to do, and a daily dog walk provides the perfect opportunity for growth and learning. Take a look at how a dog walker can help your pet get some of the physical health and mental benefits of a daily dog walk.

Assessment of Your Dog’s Health

When you don’t walk your dog regularly, you may begin to notice problematic behavior. These behavior include:

  • Excessive barking, howling, or other vocalizations.
  • Hunting-like behavior, such as digging through the shrubs.
  • Hyperactivity.
  • Fearfulness of leaving the home.
  • Excessive urination and defecation.
  • Biting and aggression.

When you ask a pet sitter to work solely with your dog, you gain valuable insight into your dog’s daily routine and health. Spending this type of quality time with your pet avoids the larger handler to dog ratios of boarding facilities, and a pet sitter can watch for problematic behavior. This is an excellent way to start working with and training your dog when you work long hours and do not have the time to walk your dog daily.

Health Benefits of a Daily Dog Walk

When your dog fails to get enough exercise, arthritis may set in, bones may become weak, and the immune system begins to falter. A daily dog walk can help with metabolism, keep weight issues under control, and reduce the chances for cancerous growths. Furthermore, daily dog walks can help your pet learn where and when to go to the bathroom, which is great for keeping odor out of your home.

Mental Benefits of a Daily Dog Walk

Exercise helps dogs build confidence, courage, and strength. If your dog has been restless, a brisk walk can help to reduce excess energy, which is the cause of hyperactivity. You should also consider how daily exercise plays into your dog’s social skills.

Benefits of Social Interaction

A daily dog walk gives your dog the chance to meet other people and pets and see new places. This is essential to having a friendly, confident companion. By exposing your dog to new environments, your dog must learn to understand and watch for queues to walk, stop, listen, and learn. Ultimately, your dog gains a broader view of the world, which allows him to rest and spend time with you at home.

A daily dog walk can give you some health and mental benefits as well, reports PetMD. For example, walking around the block can help you get some exercise. If you have a dog walker to take care of the daily dog walk, you could take a short nap, catch up on dinner preparation, or watch a movie without worrying about destructive behavior.

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