Halloween Pet Safety Tips

Dog and Cat Halloween

5 Tips for Keeping Your Pet Safe This Halloween

Halloween is here! While you are probably looking forward to the festivities, it is important to remember your furry family member, too. Here are five tips to help keep your pet safe this Halloween.

Tip #1: Hide the Candy and Other Treats

To keep your dog or cat safe this year, it is important to hide candy or other treats in a place that they cannot reach. Chocolate is extremely toxic to dogs and can even be lethal. Some artificial sweeteners in popular candies can cause rapid heartbeat, diarrhea, and seizures in pets. Other popular snacks, such as popcorn, may also cause digestive issues. In short, keep the human treats away from your beloved animal.

Tip #2: Keep Your Pet Inside and Away from the Door

What would Halloween be without trick-or-treaters? While we humans love watching a parade of adorable little ones begging for candy, the whole process of having new visitors in strange clothing is just frightening to most animals. Unfortunately, this causes many cats and dogs to bolt outside the moment the front door opens. In addition, many pets whose owners leave them in the yard for the evening sadly become a target for cruel pranksters. The best plan of action to is to keep your pet inside and away from the door, if possible.

Tip #3: Costume with Caution

While some pets love getting dressed up for the occasion, others do not. If you’re going to costume your pet for the holiday, make sure you try it on before the big night. Any clothing items or accessories should fit well enough for the animal to keep it one without being able to remove it. In addition, always monitor your pet while wearing the items to ensure he or she doesn’t remove and eat them. (Some pets have been known to ingest their costumes when their owner’s aren’t looking, which can lead to serious health consequences.)

Tip #4: Keep Decorations Out of Reach

Another tip to consider this Halloween is keeping decorations out of reach. Faux spider web, pumpkins, dried corn, and other festive items can all cause intestinal blockage issues if eaten by your pet. Candles and lit jack-o-lanterns all pose a burn risk if your dog or cat gets too close.

Tip #5: Have a Plan in Case of Emergency

No matter how many precautions you take, sometimes accidents happen. Thus, it is important to have a plan of action ahead of time in case of an emergency. Make sure your pet has a collar with a visible tag in case he or she manages to sneak out. (Better yet, make sure they have a microchip, too.) Also, keep the number of an emergency vet service on-hand to use if your pet accidentally ingests candy or another item.

Of course, if your pet is really freaked out by all the Halloween festivities and you are planning to be gone, hiring an in-home sitter is an excellent idea. For more information and availability, please contact us at Barking Life Pet Concierge today.