Pet Sitter for Your Senior Pet

Senior Pet

7 Reasons Why Having a Sitter for Your Senior Pet is Important

When most people adopt a pet, they do so with knowledge that the cat or dog will be with them for the remainder of its life. Eventually, this leads to having an older animal with special needs within the household.

But what do you do if you work long hours, take trips, or just can’t check in at various times throughout the day? Hire an in-home pet sitter, of course! Here are seven reasons why having a trusted sitter for your senior pet is important.

#1: Medical Care When Needed

Those who own senior pets often understand that certain medical procedures are necessary to comfortably prolong the animal’s life. But what happens when you are stuck at work and cannot give your dog or cat the pills or injections they need when they need it? Having a trusted pet sitter who has access to your home and all necessary supplies is a wonderful way to ensure your furry companion is getting proper care. This is also ideal for animals who have to have multiple treatments throughout the workday. It is also quite important after an animal has had a surgery or procedure, but still needs incision monitoring, bandage changes, or other similar care.

#2: Transportation to Essential Services

Getting your dog or cat in the car to go to the vet, groomer, or other location isn’t always easy. This is especially true when it comes to older pets, who might have certain aversions to riding in a vehicle or other special needs. By having a pet sitter that is familiar with older animals, you can rest assured that your companion arrives where they need to go without an issues.

#3: Companionship and Love

Sometimes senior pets just need a good cuddle, a scratch on the belly, and a tasty treat. Having a pet sitter come by periodically throughout the day to stay for a little while is a great way to ensure your furry friend’s day is enjoyable.

#4: Basic Needs and Care

Another reason to consider having a trusted pet sitter in your life? The ability to have someone stop by and offer basic care if you find yourself unable to come home in the middle of the day. This includes food, water, and even changing of incontinence pads that many older pets require. Plus, dog owners can also request that their pet be walked for added exercise.

#5: Overnight Care While You’re Away

Owning a senior pet can sometimes be difficult if you travel often. Keeping a relationship with a trusted pet sitter can be a great way to ensure there’s someone available for overnight care when needed. By ensuring that both the sitter and the pet are both familiar with each other beforehand, this can make the transition and overall duration of the process much smoother.

#6: Health Monitoring When It Is Important

If your pet is on the cusp of crossing over the Rainbow Bridge, it might be appropriate to have someone monitor their health throughout the day. Asking a pet sitter to check on the animal several times throughout the day is a good way to ensure that if medical attention is immediately needed while you are away, there is someone there to get them the necessary veterinary care.

#7: Other Special Circumstances That Come Up

Of course, other special circumstances can also happen when you’re a pet parent of a senior cat or dog. Situations where pet owners have to work late for a few days, get called away unexpectedly, or just having something else going on happen frequently in life. Keeping in communication with a trusted sitter is a great way to ensure someone is there when last minute issues pop up.

A Word About Kennels

You can’t discuss hiring a pet sitter without talking about kennels. While there are a lot of great reasons to place your pet at a professional kennel center, it isn’t always the best option for older pets.

Your dog or cat is very used to being in their home environment. Moving them to a separate location can be stressful, which can then cause health issues to become even worse. Instead, it is really a good idea to just form that relationship with a pet sitter and keep it going throughout the remainder of your furry companion’s life.

At Barking Life Pet Concierge, we understand that your senior pet is a member of your family. This is why we offer a wide range of services designed to free up your time and ensure your companion is getting the top-notch care they deserve.

For more information about pet sitting or our available services, please contact our knowledgeable and friendly team today.